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Why WordPress Websites Are Great For Any Type Of Business.

Many business owners realize they need a professional online presence if they want to find more customers or at least to get more qualified leads with minimum of investments. Depending of the type of their business, they may need commercial websites with shopping cart, blogs or simple virtual business cards for people who want to find out a few details about the company. All these types of pages can be done as WordPress websites. WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems today, used by huge websites such as New York Times or Boston Globe.

Features That Make WordPress So Attractive For Small Business Owners

1. Easy operation

WordPress websites have the big advantage of being very easy to administer and to update, thus being attractive for people who don’t want to learn how to code, but wish to be able to update their website by themselves without having to pay a third party each and every time they need to add new pages or make changes to existent ones.

The latest WordPress upgrades offer the possibility for users to define their own menus and place them where they want on their website, without having to learn HTML or CSS. Moreover, some themes are developed with such customers in mind, therefore they offer a multitude of options you can change to your free will. Such options include but aren’t limited to: colors, font types, font sizes, number of columns per page or number and placement of sidebars and menus.

2. Flexibility

WordPress is an excellent system in itself, but the best part about it is that there are thousands modules that can be added to the main software, modules which enable various functions the basic system doesn’t have. This is how you can easily add contact forms and newsletters, how you can include an interactive map on your contact page or how you can make your special offers popup for the readers to take advantage of them.

WordPress is permanently updated by a team of professionals, so that it keeps pace with the latest technology and web design findings. For instance, once people started to use mobiles and tablets to browse the web, thus determining the appearance of responsive web design, WordPress released an update that included these advanced features. By using WordPress, you can always keep your website up to date with modern technology and with the latest trends in web design, as everything you need to do is make sure you apply all upgrades and change the theme each time the actual one becomes outdated.

Security is also closely watched by the development team. Every now and then, there are hackers who manage to find security exploits and attack websites that run on WordPress. However, such attacks are very much limited, because after each of them WordPress is going to get a security upgrade. Besides, there are several very good security plugins that can make your WordPress-driven website invincible.

Speaking about SEO, WordPress is again priceless, as it is very well optimized for search engines. Even better, there are a couple of plugins that will enable you to control page titles and descriptions, so that you don’t leave anything at random when it comes to your ROI.

3. Price

WordPress is open source. This means it is free to download and to use as you wish. Some plugins may not be free, but for almost everything you want your site to do, there’s at least one free plugin that does the trick.

Templates, which are also called “themes” can be found for free on various websites. Many theme authors release them for free because they want to be known, therefore if you can’t pay for a premium theme, you can still have a professionally looking website with amazing features.

As you can see, WordPress websites are a great solution for your business, especially if you don’t want to hire web designers and programmers that may get expensive. With a little bit of attention and care, you can run your website by yourself, without nobody else realizing you can do all those with very little time and money investments.

Why You Should Choose WordPress to Start Your Own Website

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