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One of the most important aspects, if not the most important for a business, is its marketing power. Without traffic to your website, you may as well not have one, and in this digital age we are running our businesses in, social media marketing can be a must. So whether you’re looking for brand awareness, more sales, increased traffic or just want to get yourself ‘out there’, it pays to tap into the free resources that can boost your marketing power to the max.
Okay, so maybe you’re not entirely sure which social media platform your business is appropriate for…..the answer is usually all of them!
Practically everyone these days is not only aware of social media, but is probably using it on a daily basis, keeping up with friends, tweeting their updates or watching videos. These people are your potential customers and getting yourself noticed, either locally or nationally, can be key to your traffic boosting power…. and if you’re doing it, some of your competitors are almost sure to be doing it too. Consider also that people aren’t just doing this from the comfort of their armchairs at home, but on their mobile phones, which can put you right at the fingertips of all potential customers, at any time of day or night.
So let’s look at some of the considerations you may want to think about before you start.

Relevant content

Although you are marketing your product or service, the content you put onto social media platforms needs to match the clientele it attracts. No one is going to want to read facts, figures and statistics whilst visiting social media sites at their leisure, so content that they are used to and want to look at and interact with is important. Quizzes, polls, blogs and questions will pull in interested potential clients and get your business talked about. The use of video and infographics will also attract target audiences.
Post positive reviews and look at making short videos promoting your product or service. Adding a level of humour will get you noticed and people will remember you.

Identifying your target clients

It’s not always necessary to do this, especially if your product or service is quite generic. However, if you specialise in something for a specific genre, you may like to look at each social media platform to ascertain the main audience it has.

Maintaining client contact

Make sure you change the content of your marketing material on a regular basis in order to keep people interested and attract different people to your pages. This will also help to build your profile and keep you in a competitive position. Check regularly and respond to questions and comments about your product or service promptly.

Check out the competition

Keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing is a useful aspect of social media, and it can motivate you and inspire you to keep your content fresh and up to date. Healthy competition is positive in the sense that you are able to keep track of what you are selling, identify new market trends and be up there with the top selling businesses in your particular genre. Just bear in mind that they may be checking you out as well!

Social media marketing trends for 2014

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