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and website optimisation is my core business. My local Scarborough SEO services is at the forefront of search engine strategy that changes almost every week, due to Google changing the way they rank websites. I specialise in creating high value rankings with organic listings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. I deliver top rankings for my clients in the search engines for targeted keyword phrases. This drives more leads and more sales to their businesses strictly from online traffic.

The best internet marketing pays for itself many times over, and there is no better way to connect with your clients, with money in hand, who are looking for your product or service, than with search engine optimization. SEO web design and conversion optimization is what I use to skyrocket my client’s profits, no matter what the size of their company.


What I can do for your business

Keyword Research

I have access to tools that enable me to analyse keywords that are compatible to your business, and which I can then best optimise for your website. You can benefit greatly from me finding previously un-tapped keywords which you can rank for and gain additional business opportunities. I can also analyse which search terms your competitors are using which will help beat the competition.

Website Optimisation

Once I have identified the right keywords for your website to target, I will take a look at your existing website or new one if that is the case and make recommendations on content or any other changes in order to maximise its potential to take advantage of the latest Google, Bing, or Yahoo algorithms.
The changes that I will recommend will help your website rank better for the local SEO terms that are important to your business. I can either make the changes for you, or create a report for your website manager, or preferred agency.

Off Page SEO

One of the most important factors in ranking your website is your ‘back-link profile’, which is basically all about all the links that come in from other websites.
Whilst other SEO companies might point thousands of poor quality links to your site to help it rank, I will only create the most relevant and authoritative back-links.
I offer quality from different sources, which are exactly what Google wants and will place your website above others. Be careful not to choose an SEO company who could seriously damage your credibility with bad practices. I only use safe controlled methods that will not harm your website whatever algorithm Google throws out.

Social Media

Social signals are becoming more and more important in Google’s eyes when it comes to the authority of your website and brand.
Facebook likes and mentions Twitter Tweets, Google Plus links, YouTube channel views and subscriptions, which have more of an effect on your website’s rankings than ever before, and will continue to become even more so. I can help you set up your social media sites combining an SEO strategy to ensure you get the right social footprint you need, in order to help with your search engine rankings.
It will also help you to drive additional traffic via social networks.

Local Places – Google,Bing,Yahoo

My Local SEO service based in Scarborough lets me take advantage of the latest developments in location-based searches. You will probably have noticed when you search for a local company, that the search result will often have a map list of local businesses with their contact details and customers’ reviews above the usual Google listings. I can work to get your business listed in your local area and optimise your Google Places listing for your Business.

How I work

I will provide a free SEO consultation with you over the telephone, via Skype or in person, where you can tell me where you want your business to go in terms of online marketing and what you want your website to achieve. I  then go away and create a report detailing options that are open to your business. The options can include a variety of different SEO services which will work for your local company, and offer a raft of new ideas and strategies designed to keep you one step ahead of your competition when ranking with Google and the other search engines.

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