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My name is Karl George and my core business is Search engine marketing and website optimisation. Due to Google’s constant changes to its algorithms, I use my SEO service to update my clients search engine strategies in order to maintain and improve the rankings of their websites.  My aim, therefore, is to push your website up the organic rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. I create top rankings for my clients websites in the search engines for certain keyword phrases. This creates more customers from leads and more sales to their businesses, strictly from website traffic.
Marketing should pay for itself over time and the best way to connect with prospective new clients, who are looking for your company or service on the internet, is with search engine optimization. Optimised website and visitor conversion is what I use to increase my client’s bottom line, whether their company is small or large.



My services in detail

Keyword Research

I have tools to analyse keywords that are most profitable for your business, I then use these results to optimise your website for these targeted keywords. You can also benefit from me finding other keywords, with low competition, which you can rank for and gain additional sales from. I can also find out which keyword terms your competitors are targeting which I can then use to ultimately help beat them in the rankings.

Website SEO

Once the relevant keywords for your website have been identified, I will analyse your website content or create new content if that is the case and make suggestions as to any alterations to make in order to optimise its potential to rank on any of the latest Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines.
The changes that I will recommend will help your website rank better for local SEO terms that are important to your business. I can either make the changes on your website for you, or create a list for your agency or website administrator

Off Page SEO

An important factors in ranking your website in the search engines is your backlink profile, this profile I used by search engines to evaluate the relevancy of all the links that come in from other websites.
Most other SEO marketing companies point thousands of low quality back-links to your site for it to rank, I will only create the most authoritative and relevant links back to your website.
I offer a range of links from different sources, which is exactly what Google is looking for and will place your website higher in the results. Be careful not to use an Agency who could seriously undermine your rankings with bad SEO. I only use safe methods that are under my control and will not be a detriment your website whatever Google and the other search engines change.

Social Media

Social media is becoming more important when it comes to reaching out to an audience, driving additional traffic and creating the authority of your brand.
Facebook, Twitter and Google links, YouTube channel views and subscriptions are all an important part of a Social Media strategy, which have a positive effect on your website’s rankings and will continue to become even more so in the future. I can set up a social media SEO strategy for you to ensure you get the right social websites working together, in order to boost your search engine rankings.

Local Places – Google,Bing,Yahoo

When you search Google for a company in your area, the search result will have a map list of the local businesses with their contact details. I can get your business listed on Googles local listing for your area and optimise your Google Places details for your Business.

How I work

I offer a free SEO session with you in person, over the phone or even on Skype. Where we will discuss what you want your business to achieve online and what you want from my services. I will then build a report describing the different choices that are best for your business. The options will include a variety of different SEO services which will work for your local company, and will offer a raft of new ideas and strategies designed to keep you one step ahead of your competition when ranking with Google and the other search engines

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