Search engine optimisation is my core business. Using front line, cutting edge search strategies that due to Google algorithms can change from week to week, I am here to help your business get to the first page of search engine organic rankings.


One of the first things that businesses need to think about when going online is their website. It’s difficult to know the best approach to take when deciding on a website and domain name. One of the best platforms available is WordPress because of the flexibility and many advantages that it brings.


Social media has become more important than ever when it comes to business exposure. It is a great way to connect with customers and get feedback. Social media is the number 1 activity online, with such websites as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube catching so much attention.

Examples of WordPress themes

Free and premium available

There are lots more to choose from. The best thing to do is find a website you like the look of and then I can build a website based on a similar theme.


  • I’m a little different from other SEO agencies because I do the work myself, which means you won’t pay over inflated prices. You will work directly with me to tailor your SEO requirements to your particular needs.
  • Ranking websites is something I started doing for fun in my spare time which I turned into a full time fun job. I live and breathe SEO. What that means to you, is that you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t just do this as a day job.
  • I keep myself constantly aware of new SEO techniques to ensure I am always up to date with the latest changes in Search Engine Optimisation.


I can only accept one business from each sector in any given locality to minimise any possibility of a conflict of interest. If you are interested in my services and what I can do for you, we can then have a no obligation chat to see were you envision your business going and to see if we can work together. We can do this face to face, over the phone or via Skype. There are lots of different strategies I can apply to your business to increase your visibility online, and get you more custom.

Why use WordPress?

  • Easy installation and use
  • Many great themes to choose from
  • Loads of plugins that can add additional features to your website many of which are free
  • SEO friendly
  • WordPress is expandable and adaptable. It can easily be used for a blog with a few pages or a business website with complex features including e-commerce.